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This section contains a series of pages with links to other athletics and athletics related web sites.

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Canadian national Sports Centre, Ontario Division   We help athletes with their life needs
Ontario Track and Field Association   We are the Ontario governments agency for Ontario indoor and outdoor track and field
Sports Management   Donovan Bailey's sports management site for college and elite athletes
IAAF International Association of Athletics Federations    

Fitness Science
Orto Systems   Orto Systems
Running & Triathlete Sites
Runner's Resource   Info for beginner runners.
Charlie Francis Training   Training info & chat
Runners Web   - A Running and Triathlon Resource Site
Human Kinetics    
Relationship Sites
All about Women   Learn how to change your life for the better, escape from stress, find harmony with your loved one, and stay a beautiful woman in any age.
Advice Diva!   Relationship, love and dating advice form the fabulous Diva herself! Learn how to get your \"ex\" back nd find out what women really want. Downloadable ebooks and a free online advice column!
Lovecantwait.com Free Dating and Adult Personals   Reliable dating directory of websites compose of matchmaking and personal services
Consum-mate.com   Looking for lasting love? Dating and relationship advice and help for single men and women. Newsletter, classes, articles, quizzes and more at Consum-mate.com
Runners Web   - A Running and Triathlon Resource Site
Human Kinetics    
Other Niche Online Dating and Personals Sites
Romantic at Heart Personals   Browse our 17 sets of personals.Check out our Website reviews for our dating sites.Shopping Mall,best and worst pickup lines and more.
Singles Viewer   dating search engine
ASLSingles.com   American Sign Language Community
College Online Dating and Personals Sites
Hot Online Dating Articles   We have fantastic dating tips, advice, & articles that can help you find the perfect date and make you?re online dating experience a success.
AggieDating.com   Texas A&M University
BerkeleyDates.com   The University of California - Berkeley
BobcatSingles.com   Texas State University
BroncoSingles.com   Western Michigan University
BruinSingles.com   The University of California at Los Angeles
BulldogSingles.com   The University of Georgia
CalPolySingles.com   California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo
CornellSingles.com   Cornell University
CougarDates.com   Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
CoyoteSingles.com   The University of South Dakota
CycloneSingles.com   Iowa State University
DatingGators.com   The University of Florida
DavisSingles.com   The University of California, Davis
DelawareDates.com   The University of Delaware
EagleDating.com   Eastern Michigan University
FairbanksDates.com   The University of Alaska at Fairbanks
FalconSingles.com   The University of Wisconsin
FightingIlliniSingles.com   The University of Illinois
GeorgetownSingles.com   Georgetown University
GMDating.com   George Mason University
GoldenRamSingles.com   West Chester University of Pennsylvania
GopherSingles.com   The University of Minnesota
GreenBayConnect.com   The University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
HawkeyeSingles.com   The University of Iowa
HokieSingles.com   Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
HoosierSingles.com   Indiana University
HuskySingles.com   The University of Washington
LamarSingles.com   Lamar University
LonghornSingles.com   The University of Texas at Austin
LumberjackSingles.com   Stephen F. Austin State University
MastadonSingles.com   Purdue University at Fort Wayne
MeanGreenSingles.com   The University of North Texas
MetroStateSingles.com   The Metropolitan State College of Denver
MinerSingles.com   The University of Texas at El Paso
MountaineerSingles.com   West Virginia University
MSUSingles.com   Mississippi State University
NYUSingles.com   New York University
PenguinSingles.com   Youngstown State University
PennSingles.com   The University of Pennsylvania
PioneerSingles.com   The University of Wisconsin - Platteville
PirateSingles.com   East Carolina University
PomonaSingles.com   California Polytechnic University at Pomona
PrairieStarSingles.com   The University of Illinois at Springfield
PrincetonSingles.com   Princeton University
PSUSingles.com   Pennsylvania State University
RaiderSingles.com   Wright State University
RamDating.com   The University of Rhode Island
RamSingles.com   Colorado State University
RazorbackSingles.com   The University of Arkansas
RebelSingles.com   The University of Mississippi
RedbirdSingles.com   Illinois State University
RedRaiderSingles.com   Texas Tech University
RITSingles.com   Rochester Institute of Technology
SantaCruzDates.com   The University of California - Santa Cruz
SeminoleSingles.com   Florida State University
SingleBengals.com   Idaho State University
SingleBobcats.com   Ohio University
SingleBuckeyes.com   Ohio State University
SingleCougars.com   The University of Houston
SingleFlames.com   The University of Illinois at Chicago
SingleGrizzlies.com   Oakland University
SingleRattlers.com   Florida A&M University
SingleSpartans.com   The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
SingleZips.com   The University of Akron
SoonerSingles.com   The University of Oklahoma
StoutSingles.com   The University of Wisconsin - Stout
SunDevilSingles.com   Arizona State University
SuperiorSingles.com   The University of Wisconsin - Superior
TarHeelDating.com   The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
TigerSingles.com   Louisiana State University
TrojanSingles.com   The University of Southern California
VermontDates.com   The University of Vermont
VikingSingles.com   Portland State University
VirginiaDates.com   The University of Virginia
WakeForestSingles.com   Wake Forest University
WarEagleSingles.com   Auburn University
WildcatSingles.com   The University of Kentucky
WolverineSingles.com   The University of Michigan
WSUSingles.com   Washington State University
YellowJacketSingles.com   The Georgia Institute of Technology
AppalachianSingles.com   Appalachian State University
BearDating.com   The University of Northern Colorado
BearkatSingles.com   Sam Houston State University
BearSingles.com   Southwest Missouri State University
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